Logan Landing Townhomes Reviews

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A good experience from initial move in to move out. The property is well maintained, the pool is sparkling clean and the staff is very responsive. The units are big and the kitchens have granite countertops. Ample covered parking and clean places for pets to enjoy. Shelly and Dave are dedicated employees and they know the community well. I highly recommend this complex as a great living experience!

Logan Landing is a great place to live. It's a quiet neighborhood and next to main street, close to all the great restaurants. Shelly in the office is amazing and very helpful!

Great Orem location lived here for 2 years never had any problems we were in a nice quiet area of the complex management was friendly and so was maintenance!

New tenant review of initial experience (application-first 5 days), Move in process fairly seamless. Front office staff are friendly, polite and professional. Upon turning in my move in walk through paperwork, the property manager reviewed quickly and sent maintenance to the unit to fix water heater issue within an hour. There is a slight pest presence noted despite apparent attempts at resolving, could be due to previous tenant and / or neighbors. Based on my past experience, it should be a minor adjustment to resolve completely but time will tell. The property is well kept and tenants seem to be sociable and polite.

Best experience ever

I lived here three years of my college career and wish I had moved in sooner! The price is great for the apartments you are provided. Matinence requests are handled in a timely manner, our heater went out and within the day it was getting fixed. It did require a part that they had to order in so we were without a heater for a weekend and they brought over all the space heaters they could to make sure we were comfortable. Shelly the landlord is a great landlord who I enjoyed interacting with. She is very honest with tenants which I do appreciate. Everything is lined out in your leasing contract which you should read and you will have no problems living in this community. It is not student housing so it is unreasonable to expect to be able to exit your lease in May without finding someone to take over your remaining lease, I knew this and planned ahead and Shelly was the most accommodating to my situation. I would tell anyone this is a great place to live, as I enjoyed my experience and had friends living in other units that have lived here the same duration as I have and love it!

Great place to live! Great location, awesome management! Priced really well!

Great staff and maintenence team. Very timely when things need to get done. Family friendly community, never any problems with criminal activity. I always feel safe and the neighbors are friendly. We moved here regardless of the poor negative reviews and found that it was worth it. Many people can only seem to point out negatives especially when in an apartment complex. Some changes that could be made include spraying balconies down after the winter, being more strict regarding doggy droppings, and cleaning of steps within each building.

Really nice apartments, lovely community, incredibly responsive property manager. Great place to live.

My wife and I really love living in here at Logan landing , because this is our first time living separately from our family ..

Logan Landing is an inviting community with plenty of spacious townhomes. The property manager is amazing to work with and the maintenance guy is hard working and always ensures everything is taken care of. No complaints whatsoever. We have absolutely loved living here! And we love that itâ??s pet friendly!

I honestly don't see what everyone is bitching about. Only cons are grounds could be better kept and the walls are a little thin â??it's like any other apartment complex normal people can actually afford. Hardly the Harlem slum

Nice, friendly staff! Always got things done in a timely manner when asked.

Loved it here, lived here for about 2 years and Shelly helped us out with anything we needed.

Management kinda played me earlier this week but they are taking steps to correct the issue which is very much appreciated. Hopefully something good happens.

I really enjoyed living here for the most part. Logan Landing itself deserves 5 stars. I lived here for an entire year. Our heater went out on Christmas day and the maintenance guy came to fix it within an hour. On Christmas! At 8PM at night. The knob on our dryer broke, and the maintenance guy had the correct part to fix it same day. When we signed our lease, we were told we need a 60 day notice that we would leave, since 60 days is a bit longer than standard. This was no problem. I made friends with the apartment manager (Shelly) and was able to hear her side. She is the only person in the office, which would be quite stressful. She doesn't OWN the apartments, she just manages them, and makes sure everyone pays rent on time. She would have to hunt people down for rent, since the APARTMENT COMPANY demands rent to be paid in full on the first, with a grace period to the third. This was in the lease when it was signed. Being in a college town, it can be difficult to be a landlord. Many students leave in May and cannot finish the full lease. This is not student housing, and you are aware for that when you sign the lease. This causes a lot of arguments since Shelly really does not have the power to change a legal document. This is a very NO-BS kind of place, which you know that when you're filling out an application. They are straightforward and honest with the process, and left no room for interpretation, which was great. We have a dog, that we would walk on a leash and follow him behind to pick up his poop. This is the responsibility of owning a dog. This is where I DISLIKED living here: It's not the apartment's fault so I'm not going to knock down stars. There is dog poop everywhere. So many people here don't know how to clean up after their dog. On multiple occasions, I see unleashed dogs. ones that will come charging after you. See, I LOVE dogs, I always have. I am not afraid of them and I know if it's a playful run or an angry one. MY dog doesn't know this, and he would get freaked out. There is a strict leash law in Logan, and is enforced by the apartment. It was a struggle taking my dog out for walks since dogs would run up to him. I understand the need for a dog to play, but there are dog parks in logan that are wonderful. This is what we did. I have seen people let their dogs poop and don't pick it up. I always had to watch where I walked. You were also allowed to fence off your little part of grass to contain your dog. The ground maintenance was great, though. They would be out there picking up the poop so we would have somewhere nice to live. The lawns were regularly mowed as well. So in summary if you don't want to read everything; The apartment manager is really nice once you get to know her. She is just doing her job and gets the short end of the stick for trying to follow the rules SOMEONE ELSE has put into place. The people that live at Logan Landing don't know how to clean up after their dog and complain about having responsibilities when they are offered other options. Maintenance is great all around.

I loved living here. Management is awesome. Great experience, great community and location

My husband and I love living here! We have great neighbors and the grounds are taken care of beautifully! Management is wonderful, if you have a problem its...

My husband and I love living here! We have great neighbors and the grounds are taken care of beautifully! Management is wonderful, if you have a problem its...

I loved living in this apartment the service was great. I ended up leaving my lease early and the landlord helped me so much I had a great experience here!

Love living here! We took over a lease near it's end and created many complications with some of us staying and some of us not staying, both through the remainder of the lease and at lease renewal, and Shelley has been so understanding and eager to help us get it all figured out! Great location, nice homes, and excellent customer service!

I will not pretend that this is the greatest place I have ever lived, but for the price we pay to live here it is about what I expected. We live in one of the three bedrooms at the back of the lot. When we first applied Rob was quick and efficient, even helping us though he clearly should have been home resting due to a back injury. We got our keys and moved in no problem. There were a few issues that needed fixing when we toured the apartment that have yet to be fixed. We are patient and realize that they have been understaffed recently. I have yet to see an apartment that is prompt with such things so it wasn't much of a shocker. It you move in here, remember that you live in an apartment, a cheap apartment at that. You will hear people yelling, you will hear dogs barking, cars roll through at 2 am music full blast, and the police are frequently here. That is pretty much how apartments work. Don't like it? Rent a house.